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The schools have also received assurance and changes in the implementation of the national exams of the school year 2010/2011. In fact, socialization is needed to further establish the school in preparing teachers and students for national exams.

Warnoto, Head of SMAN 18 Jakarta, Tuesday (4 / 1), said the teacher had only keep track of changes in the implementation of national examinations (UN) through the mass media, but official information is delivered to students are still awaiting the official announcement from the local education local.

Iwan Hermawan, Vice Principal of SMAN 9 Bandung, said the students are still prepared to face the implementation of the UN as last year. Schools still waiting for a standard operating procedure (SOP) UN 2010/2011.

Chairman of the National Education Standards Agency (BSNP) Djemari Mardapi said, dissemination and implementation of the graduation formula changes in middle and high school students will begin next week equals.

Download POS UN 2011

Download Kisi-kisi UN 2011

Djemari asserted, on the implementation of the UN this year, there is no repetition because the UN already accommodate the graduation assessment of the UN and the school.

UN Schedule

National Examinations 2010/2011 levels SMA / SMK / MA will be held on April 18 to 21, 2011, whereas equivalent SMP on April 25 to 28 2011.

UN schedule is listed in the Regulation of the Minister of National Education No. 45 Year 2010 regarding Graduation and Permendiknas Criteria No. 46 on the Implementation of UN junior high and high school Academic Year 2010/2011, signed minister Mohammad Nuh, Monday (3 / 1) in Jakarta.

The UN is already used a new formula for determining graduation, which is a combination between the UN and the values that the school include school exams and the value of report cards.

Head of Research and Development Ministry of National Education Mansyur Ramly said the UN Supplementary SMA / MA / SMK at 25 to 28 April 2011 and graduation announcements no later than May 16, 2011. While the UN Supplementary SMP / MTs in 3 to 6 May 2011 and the announcement of UN SMP / MTs on June 4, 2011.

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