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Thanks to the grace of Allah SWT. Alhamdulillah we have obtained the file grille National Examination 2011 from a very informative educational practitioners. UN grille 2011 grille covers the National Exam for senior high schools, junior high schools, vocational, SMPLB, and their UN SMALB in 2011. Besides, we also include Permendiknas no. 46 on the Implementation of UN 2011 and No game. 45 of 2010 regarding Graduation Criteria. Please you to download it for free from this site National Exam.

Download Kisi-kisi UN :

Kisi-kisi 2011

  1. Download Kisi-kisi UASBN SD / MI
  2. Download Kisi-kisi UN SMA / MA
  3. Download Kisi-kisi UN SMP / MTs
  4. Download Kisi-kisi UN SMK
  5. Download Permendiknas About UN 2011 and US 2011
  6. Download Permendiknas About Kriteria Kelulusan UN 2011

Participants of the National Examination (UN) in 2011 could be a little breath of relief. Because the graduation examination this year was not solely based on the UN implemented.

This is stipulated in Government Regulation No. 19/2005 on National Education Standards (SNP), article 72 paragraph 1 which states that the graduation of students not only judged by the results of the UN alone.

Even so, to go to college, the UN continues to be one of the requirements.

Related to this policy, the Head of the Department of Education (Disdik) Riau, Riau HM Wardan To the Post on Thursday (6 / 1) in Pekanbaru admitted already know about it. However, the decision of Events Calendar by mail is still not accepted by him. Even so, with this decision Disdik admitted that he had prepared socialize with Disdik districts so that students can be comfortable in carrying out the examination.

”I know I heard and know it is only from the news and the Internet. However, official notification yet from the Events Calendar we received. Clearly this is good for students will not be too afraid to face the UN this year,”he explained.

According to him, from the information, which related to passing the UN there are several other requirements. Among these are the UN, complete learning program, graduate school exams, and good grades in all subjects. Not only that, noble character, citizenship, personality, aesthetics, physical, health, and sports as well be an indicator of passing the national examination. While the assessment provided in written form, test actions, and observations.

Although at this time Events Calendar already have other criteria UN graduation, but graduation requirements remain the same. Among them, the standard passing score 5.5 on each subject is still in use. Those standards are fairly reasonable because the determination of standard of value that can not be raised to minimum service standards (SPM) of education in each region are equal.

”Maybe we have not received the letter and the many people who do not understand. However, if the letters we have received and also the existing juklaknya we will socialize everything. So the next student does not make it as a scourge to the UN graduation. Enough to learn well, students would have graduated,”he explained.

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